Thursday, May 7, 2009


I know I set a precedent of updating every day in the last couple of months, but you see... I have this huge exam (the one I failed three times) on Monday. And I started my summer job this week. So my head is too full of cupcakes and Canadian History to write anything interesting.

But I will tell you what you have to look forward to when I'm finally free.

1) Tomorrow I will try to post pictures of my lovely cupcakes.
2) I shot some footage in Pittsburgh, of my ride down, our road trip to Cleveland and our second attempt at the Fort Pitt Tunnel. I plan to make a video to show you folks! It may or may not include singing, just to warn you.
3) Most importantly, I recently won a contest for free web hosting from Seb and I will be a) moving my blog over there! and b) redesigning my blog, with the help of my Amazon Webmistress, Kaitlyn, and her php savvy.
4) Eventually I will blog about my new job, and Victorian High Tea in general.
5) I have to read 25 books before the end of June, so expect lots of book reviews!
6) If everything goes well (please cross your fingers for me!) I will be graduating in just a few weeks, which will undoubtedly lead to a nostalgic end of an era post.
7) Again, if everything goes well, I need to start thinking about moving to England! Which I'm sure I'll write about constantly.
8) I fully plan to do at least five of my 100 things this summer, and those ones are always the best posts.


Faebala said...

Yay!! I love reading your blog! Although I'm sad you're leaving locations... I find it so hard to keep track of blogs taht aren't blogger's anymore.

But, I guess for you.. I will make more of an effort.

Kaitlyn said...

Darling, you've only failed twice (not 3 times as indicated!). Let's not jynx ourselves just yet hehe ;)

Yay for end of era posts! i feel like making a blog, just so I can write one.

Sebastian said...

I do so hope to meet your Amazonian web mistress one day, I think we'd get on like a HTTP daemon on fire.

Faebala, you can add RSS feeds from other blogs into Blogger's dashboard, I am pretty sure... (at least, a lot of people visit my blog from, which I presume are subscribers).

Where am I on that 100 list?

Hezabelle said...

There are several numbers open for applicants. Someday, we'll discuss.

Court said...

Ooh, ambitious! I'm excited to see the blog posts.

I too have totally slacked in posting, but I don't have a good excuse like exams, just general laziness and exhaustion from work. I will try to use your example as my motivation.

And Kati, you can be a guest blogger! Or set up your own blog- I would read it!

steph said...

Yessssss you get to take a re-take for you exam! Woooo excellente!!! also I have taken many many pictures for our joint blog and will post them for you when school stops burning my bum.