Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh Crumb

Fae: There's a lot of crumbs on this futon.
Hez: I crumbed in my sleep last night.


Fae: I was giving you a thumbs up but couldn't see if you were thumbing me back.
Hez: If I was thumbing you, you'd be crumbing.

Thus ensued many crumb jokes for hours... We were crumbing everywhere.

Hez: And then we would cum---- *both pause*
Both: Ew.... That's dirty.

This post was made possible by Fae, because I didn't remember how it started and she'd written it down.

1 comment:

Faebala said...

Hahah, mm. I love when you tag "dirty" and "fae" in the same post. It makes me crumb.

(I explained the whole crumb thing to Sean last night and he couldn't stop laughing, haha)