Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sing the Four Quarters

So, at heart I'm a huge fantasy geek. I used to read all fantasy, all the time, when I was teenager. I haven't read a pure fantasy novel in a really long time, so I really enjoyed getting back into the very predictable genre again.

The Tanya Huff books, though I have never read them before, are actually what drew me to fantasy. When I was about 11, I was wandering around the bookstore and I saw the Tanya Huff books and really loved the covers. I took one to my mom and said "I want to read this!" and she told me it was too old for me, so we went into the Kids section, and found another fantasy book. Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce. Which led not only to my obsession with fantasy, but also to my friendship with Fae, Lea, Ali and Kitty.

Given all this, I figured it was time for me to actually read a Tanya Huff book. As far as fantasy books go, it was pretty typical. It included the perfect characters, the fair government, magic, and more than the occasional typo. But how can I complain about a book with magic, a sexually open and promiscuous society and ridiculous attractive characters whose names I can't pronounce?

Thoroughly enjoyed.


konfusedfae said...

Is that the book which has that pretty cover of the girl with those four little element pixie thingies flying around her?

Anonymous said...

What no quotes and favourite passages? Was it as good as Mariller? Maybe that book will be my next procrastination effort.
Love, T