Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tea at the Estate

My life, recently, has been a whirl of baking and sandwhiching in preparation for our Valentine's Tea today at work. During the summer they do tea on the lawn at the Billings Estate National Historic Site four days a week. In the rest of the year, we only have tea on special occasions. We did one at Christmas, and one today. This is what my life looks like:

Picture this times 125. Sugar cookies and pink icing.
Cut up 10 cucumbers. Made GIANT vat of egg salad (ew).

And the best part...

Heart shaped strawberry scones, which were actually described by a visitor today as "the best scones they'd ever tasted."

Yup. I am a scone master. But above all, today reminded me that I really do love my job.


konfusedfae said...

Want to open a baking shop with me?

konfusedfae said...

More commonly known as a "bakery", I guess... haha.

Anonymous said...

I second the term "scone master."