Sunday, March 29, 2009

Omelette fail

I'm a new convert to the ways of eggs. Mostly because of my severe lack of protein in my diet (since I generally don't like meat... except fried chicken) but also because about two years ago I discovered that eggs weren't just those runny things I dragged toast through when I was little. They were actually good, in scrambled form and omelette form! Since this wonderful discovery (I actually remember when it was - I went out for breakfast with Kristen the day before I left for Ireland and ordered an egg wrap thing) I have been an egg keener. I almost always order omelettes for breakfast out. I make myself scrambled eggs for dinner.

I have only made two attempts at making my own omelettes. The last was under Kristen's supervision last Saturday morning - they turned out surprisingly well. Tonight I decided I'd try again.

Needless to say, I failed at the most important part of omelette making - the part where you flip it over. You'd think since I'm a master at making crepes, this would be easy. But alas.

So, I let the thing cook in shambles and topped it with lots of cheese... and pretended that I had intended to make scrambled eggs, not an omelette.


Faebala said...

I have never seen eggs eaten like that before, in that bizarre video you linked to. I love dipping my bread in eggs, but not like that.

Ambles said...

It still looks delicious :)