Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Adventures of Faebala and Hezabelle

After more than eight hours of driving yesterday, I arrived in Pittsburgh! I didn't even get lost, much. That's probably thanks to the GPS. So, in honour of being here with Fae, I thought I'd flashback to us over the years.

The very first time that we met, aren't our matching shirts hot?

Cheers, darling.

We asked a random bystander to take this picture and then hopped into the bathtub... He was very freaked out.

Mmm icing!

Sun bathing at the cottage!

We're so attractive!

I have this picture in my wallet... So straight!

So cold!

In NYC, at Strawberry Fields.

In December!

Today! I think I look a little.. out of it... but this was the best of all of them.


Ambles said...

Aw, so cute!

You're making me miss my Lina... I will have to blog about her one day!

P.S. It's like you both get prettier with every picture! How does that happen?

Hezabelle said...

haha Well I guess that's better than the opposite, eh?

Lisa said...

Aw, such a cute post. You two are so pretty. :)

About me switching to WordPress..I initially just wanted to switch my blog name/domain, but it was already taken at blogger. I found out it was really easy to export my past posts into WordPress, so I just decided to switch. It is a bit different at first but I am slowly getting the hang of it.

Faebala said...

All I can say about that last picture is.... Big Heads Anonymous.