Friday, April 24, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA

Today I went walking around Pittsburgh to take some pictures, while Fae was at work. Pittsburgh is a gorgeous city, and doubly interesting because it has a long past as the USA's first steel town. But it baffles me a little, because it seems to always be uphill. In both directions.

It's so warm out today, like summer. I have to say that my little knit dress was not the bet wardrobe choice, as much as I love it.

The view from Grandview...

I was amazed that there were flowers blooming in Pittsburgh! It's still all dead in Ottawa.

There are a lot of benches on Grandview, so you can sit and enjoy the view.

Me! It's hard to take a picture of myself with the Olympus.

I was inclined to take the incline down the mountain.

So I jumped the fence (not easy in a dress) and found this clearing with a bunch of abandoned pieces of... well, I think this is part of the incline mechanism, maybe? And there were pieces of statues...

These stairs are terrifying. I hate the stairs where you can see through the back.

Fort Pitt Bridge, says Fae's roommate Dan.

For anyone who has read The Perks of Being a Wallflower: The Fort Pitt Tunnel, where they felt infinite.

Et c'est tout!

See Lascaux du Monde for some graffiti pics.

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Lisa said...

Amazing photos! Hope you're having a good trip. :)