Friday, April 3, 2009

Wide Open Beaver*

Via text message this morning:

Fae: It's raining here, is it raining there?
Me: No, but they say it's supposed to snow.
Fae: Ew, that's worse.
Me: Haha yeah, leave it to Ottawa.
Fae: Leave it to Ottawa beaver! haha. I'm so amused right now.

And she was, apparently. Because soon enough this appeared on my facebook Graffiti wall:

Via g-chat, two minutes ago:

Me: hahhahahhah!!!!!!!!!!
Why are you so talented?
How do you make a beaver look so good?
Fae: I don't think that's talent
Me: omg omg
Fae: I think that's bored.
Me: That's what he said.

*Yes, that is a reference to Breakfast of Champions.

1 comment:

Faebala said...

Hahah, I love us. And how easy it is to amuse us.